11 DIY Projects to Make With Your Glitter Bomb

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Fight fire with glitter? Judging by the anonymous sparkle-filled letter I received in the mail, yes. I have been infamously glitter bombed—despite popular belief, it wasn’t nearly all that bad. Before you pass judgment on my seemingly unfortunate craftastrophe, let me share some luminescent insight.

Whether in the form of a practical joke from a friend or a cry for attention by your relentlessly bitter ex, a glitter bomb is meant to induce unyielding shock and aggravation upon its recipient. Like the puff of magical particles that explode once the letter is opened, the culprit of my glitter bomb failed miserably to achieve their goal and their efforts were lost in thin air. What was their biggest mistake? Underestimating my love for shiny objects, of course. 

Like a fanciful treasure trove, glitter is the equivalent to miniature confetti. (And who doesn’t love confetti?) In fact, I’m throwing a party with everything but pity. Should I be upset at the pile of tiny fragments shipped to me to convey a person’s unreasonable hate? Probably. Am I? Most definitely not. I live by the code of Kate Spade—give me glitter and give me life.

While this recent gift has replenished my Martha Stewart-esque craft studio, it’s also reinvigorated my adoration for eye-catching accessories. In honor of blasphemous glitter bombs, I’ve gathered a few style-centric ideas for what to do with my dazzling debacle.


Glitter High Heels

The Emerald City is a DIY project away. Whether you opt for Dorothy-red pumps or sweet blue stilettos, you can elevate your elegance in a few easy steps from Something Turquoise.


Image: Something Turquoise


Glitter Ombre Dress

You’re bound to make heads turn in this glitter ombre ensemble. Channel your inner Daisy Buchanan in a twinkling, Gatsby-appropriate dress seen on Stud and Pearls.

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Image: Stud and Pearls


Chandelier Crystal Clutch

Regardless of the fact that Sia’s “Chandelier” has been stuck in my head for nearly a month, Honestly WTF’s Chandelier Crystal Clutch is utterly appealing. The future of your next favorite bag lives in a bottle of Mod Podge.


Image: Honestly WTF


Glitter Tights

This is not a drill. Your stockings can sparkle. Adding a dose of dazzle to your basic pair of tights is a perfect way to add an interesting twist to a formal look. For the cost of a little mess, you’ll have leg up on glamour. Check out TheSonyvlogs YouTube tutorial to learn how.

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Image: Brit & Co.


Glitter Pendents

Metallic and mesmerizing, these glitter pendants from I Spy DIY are guaranteed to stun. It’s amazing how much you can achieve with patience and pliers.

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Image: I Spy DIY


Glitter Tattoos

Whoever said glitter was kryptonite? When glitter bomb attacks backfire, you might feel empowered by the gleam. Embrace your newfound bad assery with a shimmering tattoo—don’t worry, it’s temporary. Artificial glitter tattoos are a growing trend, so give yourself a reminder that you’re invincible.


Image: Beautylish


Glitter Earring Posts

Sparkle from ear to ear. These confetti-like earring posts are a nice punctuation to a perfect look. This project will need some precision on your part, but the results are too fantastic to pass up. Learn how to make these shining studs on A Splendid Assemblage.



Image: A Splendid Assemblage

Glitter Belt

Add a feminine focal point to your outfit with a glittered belt. You’ll need some handy leather acrylic paint to get the job done. Learn how to rock this stunner on Say Yes.


Image: Say Yes


Glitter Phone Case

Your glitter bomber may be too ashamed to speak to your face, but it doesn’t mean you need to keep quiet. Enjoy being lovely and loquacious with a remarkably updated phone case. While it will make you look like a million bucks, it only costs roughly $15. Learn how to make your own with this Design Sponge tutorial.


Image: Design Sponge


Sparkling Peter Pan Collar

In the words of Peter Pan, “all you need is faith, trust and a little pixie dust!” This darling DIY collar is out of this world. (Perhaps it’s from Neverland.) With a template and detailed instructions, Hello Natural makes this project far more achievable than it looks.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 12.03.40 AMImage: Hello Natural


Glitter Booties

Prank or not, you don’t have time to play games. Your boots are made for walking away from drama and you’ll certainly want to stand out while doing so. These amazing Brit + Co DIY booties open up a world of golden opportunities that lie ahead. Moral of the story: don’t let anyone dim your sparkle.


Image: Brit + Co


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