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“Live colorfully.” We have the famous sartorial phrase¬†plastered to our Kate Spade shopping bags, captioned on our Instagram photos and pinned to our motivational Pinterest boards. Kate may not be Plato, but her motto is a vivid and¬†simple rule¬†to live by.

Painters aren’t the only artists to focus on color, frankly because color evokes emotion. Living colorfully is a concept that is repeated time and time again in our surroundings.¬†When I’m in a Belle and Sebastian mood (always), I’m seeking to “color my life with the chaos of trouble.” While¬†feeling nostalgic for my childhood, I “paint with all of the colors of the wind.” We all want to feel that tinge of a reminder that life has depth and variety, just like colors.

While visiting the¬†Vintro Hotel, I noticed that its bright color¬†palette of mint and yellow summoned¬†a lightness in me. If we were to capture that burst of energy cultivated by visuals and apply it to a state of mind, we’d push ourselves emotionally to feel just as ethereal and full of life. The idea of “living colorfully” is completely subjective and in our own hands.¬†What actions or behaviors classify as colorful? In my own experience, living colorfully stands for taking chances and living to enrich yourself.

Lately, I’ve been making a lot of major changes, colorful ones. (If you want to know what changes, read more¬†here.) By not living by the books and changing my scenery, I’ve begun the process of broadening my spectrum to a whole rainbow in just a few months. To me, approaching change is living colorfully.

Life is something you take into your own hands, but here’s a light-hearted¬†abridged guide to living a more vivid one:

Start each day with one positive thought.

Before even lackadaisically getting out of bed for my needed coffee, my¬†morning routine used to be: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Email, Text. Sound familiar? Recently, I started to focus my thoughts on something other than my iPhone — I began to form affirmations before even lifting my head off the pillow. Starting your day while thinking “I’m going to rock this next assignment” or “This gym session is going to get me to my goal,” makes the day a lot more appealing. Whether you ruminate over positive thoughts and plans for the day while wrapped in your blanket or plaster them on post-it notes around your vanity, surrounding yourself with¬†positive affirmation can help put your mindset in a stronger place.

Become colorful. Literally colorful.

As a former art student and overly ambitious crafter, I’ve always had an affinity for aesthetics. Finding an artistic hobby like hand-lettering or photography¬†can enrich your life, teach you a new trade, and simply¬†allow you to have fun. When was the last time you learned something new that wasn’t on your syllabus? Sometimes the best type of learning is the kind we seek out “just because.”

Get spontaneous and hop on a plane.

A little bold, but a change of scenery can work wonders on any life rut. Living colorfully is living for the moment. Go with a girlfriend, your beau or simply alone, to a new territory. Being exposed to new environments and people can be an exciting way to revitalize your creativity with some needed edge. My friend Zeinab, the beautiful blogger behind Runaway Habit, recently recommend an app called Hitlist that gathers ridiculously affordable prices for last minute vacations. Fancy a trip to Copenhagen for only $400 round-trip? ‚Ķ Yep, it’s doable.

Chip away at the “big picture” goal.

We all have that one thing we’ve wanted to do for ages but never found the time to conquer. You know. . .the onerous time commitment you just can’t seem to fit in or the intimidating project you’ve been “getting around to doing” for the last three years. Starting even in the smallest ways will be more fulfilling than watching the time stack up more rapidly than you can control. My personal “big picture” goal is this blog. I’m no Rach Parcell but my working towards my own writing goals, I’m achieving more than I ever imagined.

Get off your Netflix account and into the real world.

There needs to be a healthy Netflix:Life ratio if you plan on living colorfully. Adventures come to those who seek them. When you’re constantly in the habit of staying in, you’re risking future growth opportunities, friendships and journeys. The mixer you were too lazy to go to could have put you in touch with a connection for your dream job. The morning yoga class you keep sleeping in for could have potential new friends to keep you motivated and centered. Through running this blog, I’ve met so many quality friends just by making the decision to leave my house to attend events. I love my sweatpants and¬†Girls marathons but something’s gotta give.

End each day with something you’re grateful for.

End your day with the same positivity you started it with. We often get so lost in the day-to-day chaos of life that we forget to cherish it. Life is¬†non-refundable ticket to an unforeseen destination. . .cheesy but accurate. There is no return policy on time. You may not know exactly where you’ll end up, but there’s enough attractions along the way to make you realize how lucky you are. Acknowledge the good things in your life and the good will soon multiply.

How do you “live colorfully”? Share your story in the¬†comments below!¬†


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