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Meet the New Cup of Charisma


Welcome to the new and improved Cup of Charisma!

From site crashes to CSS for Dummies, I’ve spent the last month redesigning my blog and revamping my message. (Here’s the secret: it’s all about you.) I’ve always been extremely passionate about social causes and finding my purpose in the world. I might spend 20% of my time stuck in my closet conjuring new looks, but what am I doing with that other 80%? The truth is for awhile I had no idea. All I knew is that I had so much energy for life and nowhere to channel it.

That yearning to find a space to call my own was the idea behind Cup of Charisma. I was filled with not just thoughts, but questions. You know the inner monologue… What’s my 5-year-plan? How can I make rent? Should I move to a new city? Will my parents be my roommates forever? How many engagement photos will it take before I crack? Maybe I should go to grad school? Is everyone more successful in their careers than me? And the kicker: What impact am I meant to make?

Being a twentysomething is no easy feat. To be quite honest, it keeps me up at night! Realistically, we’re in the most fundamental years of our lives and filled with potential to change the world. More and more research confirms that millennials feel committed to not just making money but finding a purpose. Yes, that frightening word that we’ve come to question. Climbing up the career ladder is no longer the “American dream.” There’s far more depth than that and the excessive need to find something to call your own can feel alarming. At the end of the day, we’re all “figuring it out” and we always will be. It doesn’t matter how many times you Google the costs of a NYC apartment or the amount of day dreams you have about going all Elizabeth Gilbert in “Eat, Pray, Love.” What matters most is that you embrace these feelings and turn them into good. With enough support and courage, we’re going to find where we need to be.

So what can you expect to find?

1. Socially conscious fashion features that make it easy to feel good while looking good.

2. The brand new “Inspire Series” featuring interviews from inspiring authors, bloggers, entrepreneurs, writers and world changers who took a chance to discover their place in the world.

3. Fashion… because, well, you know.

4. A little dose of culture.

5. Stories reflecting real-life concerns, inspirations and goals generated by YOU. As I go through my own quarter-life qualms, please feel free to send me your own:

I can’t wait to hear from you and share my journey. Let’s share some energized thoughts.






The look: Forever 21 floral dress, H&M blazer, David Yurman bangle, Forever 21 beaded bracelet and key necklace, Betsey Johnson gemstone and chain watch, Kate Spade Saturday sunglasses, Dr. Martens X Agyness Deyn heart satchel, and Target navy suede shoes.


Tell me what you think!

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