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Chatting it up with Custo Dalmau! So many colors… 


Blogger bestie Luciana Padula of Girl of Style Blog, moderator of my everyday rants and selfie approval. 

Fresh out of the arctic tundra of the Lincoln Center after his¬†Fall/Winter 2015 display at New York Fashion Week, Custo Dalmau flew into the Magic City to celebrate¬†his intricate designs at¬†Custo Barcelona on Lincoln Road. Causative cuts and contrasting patterns came together as one in the bright showcase. Dalmau knows a thing or two about mixing prints if you hadn’t noticed. He seamlessly meshed bold strips, tartans, florals and knits into a surrealistic blender. Voila — you’ve got yourself an ensemble that’s magnanimously colorful¬†enough to entice Miamians everywhere.

According to, Dalmau drew inspirations from wait for it‚Ķ those flimsy strips that repeatedly smack your filthy vehicle¬†at the car wash. Weirded out? I was. That being said, the idea doesn’t lessen my perception of Dalmau as an artist. It certainly strengthens it. If you were to ask me to make a 74-look collection based on my vision of dish towels, my designs¬†probably wouldn’t make it into the kitchen of Chili’s. The¬†simply preposterous and quirky concept of fringes in motion at a car wash is enough for Custo Dalmau to make a masterpiece.

I had the pleasure of meeting the humble and sweet designer at the Lincoln Road party. He is truly a visionary I’m glad to have had a glass of bubbly with! We all know his effervescent and sultry styles belong in the Sunshine State more than anywhere else. Dalmau is a reminder that the human imagination has the potential to tweak the ordinary to ornate.

Photos courtesy of the lovely Luciana Padula of Girl of Style Blog (pictured above). Check out her page for awesome style-centric and beauty tips. 

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