Inspire Series: Interview with Christina Hsu of Flower Child Hair

Flower Child Hair Cup of Charisma Photoshoot


Flower Child Hair Cup of Charisma Photoshoot

dsc_0640  Flower Child Hair Cup of Charisma Photoshoot with Ukulele

Ukulele Flower Child Hair

When it comes to style, I’m about as feminine as you can get. I’m known for my hair accessories and will literally throw a bow or flower on anything and everything, Last month, I discovered Flower Child Hair, an accessory line that wants to transform the way we consume fashion in an environmentally conscious way. (You can read about it here). Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to chat with Christina Hsu, founder of Flower Child Hair, to learn about the fascinating way she puts style into sustainability. Check out our interview below and learn how you can win one of these beauties!

What was your inspiration when starting Flower Child Hair?

Flower Child Hair was started to promote the trend of sustainability in fashion. At the time, I was studying water policy in college and was well aware that water is a globally scarce resource. I also knew that textile and water waste is a big environmental concern in the fashion industry, which inspired me to repurpose leftover, existing fabric in the market that has already been produced, and would have otherwise gone to waste to make my products. Growing up, I’ve always maintained my interest in fashion. After completing my Bachelors in Political Science and Global Studies from UCLA, I decided to pursue fashion and I am only a couple of courses short of my Fashion Merchandising degree in addition to obtaining my Masters in Public Policy. I am especially inspired by the effortlessly sunny, beachy, and free bohemian style that embodies Southern California where I am from. During graduate school, I decided to merge the two passions and Flower Child Hair was born.

How has your company evolved since you made your first accessory?

My company started with one product line, the ‘Flower Child Hair Peace,’ and has now expanded to include additional products as well as Flower Child Hair Parties! I enjoy doing events centered on women empowerment, helping underserved youth, as well as funding education. You will often find me at various women’s conferences, high school fundraising boutiques, and charity events around Southern California. Through these events, I’ve been approached by moms to do their teen daughter’s birthday parties after watching me provide hair demonstrations with my product and seeing how excited people were. Now, in addition to selling hair accessories, I get invited to throw fun hair parties with girls.

What was the one defining moment when you knew this would be a success?

It happened at my first large event at the Women’s Expo in Los Angeles a few months after my company started. I had so many mothers and daughters of all ages who were drawn by the fun floral decors of my booth and came over to test my product out. My staff and I would provide demonstrations by braiding-in the hair accessories on the girls’ hair and the girls would not want to take it off. The look in their eyes when they first held up the mirror to their face with the products adorned in their hair was priceless. It was inspirational to see every female stare into the mirror just absolutely satisfied with their reflection. With all the body-issues in society with women having to look a certain way, I found this very moving and enlightening. No matter what size, style, or texture of hair the female had she loved the product. It was universally flattering. Coming from a time where female body-image issues are prevalent in society, it’s nice to know I developed something that looked good on everyone. Any female regardless of age or ethnicity would have that same reaction, and that was the moment I knew.

From being in Seventeen Magazine to meeting celebrities, you’ve had some great opportunities. What’s your favorite Flower Child Hair moment?

My favorite Flower Child Hair moment is definitely when my product made it into Seventeen Magazine. It is a national publication I’ve been reading since I was in my teens. I read the magazine from cover to cover absorbing every word and had so much fun learning from the style tips provided. If you told me when I was 17 that one day I would start a company and my product would be featured in Seventeen Magazine, I’d probably tell you to quit joking around. I wouldn’t have believed it, and now it’s a reality!

What’s your favorite way to wear the accessory?

My favorite way to wear the accessory on a day-to-day is in a quick, simple braid. For fun weekend occasions, I like to wear it in a flower-crown, braided across the back of my hair because it’s such a different look. The beauty of this product is that on any given day you can wear it in a different way that suits how you’re feeling.


What kind of woman can rock a Flower Child Hair accessory?

Any woman who has a fun and whimsical side can rock Flower Child Hair accessories. It’s about taking an already unique product and really making it your own. Incorporate this accessory into your individual style by taking ownership of this product and tailoring it to your own desired look. Wear the product and don’t let the product wear you. On our Instagram @flower_child_hair you can see a variety of females of any age, ethnicity, and style stand out with our hair accessories. Our products can add a fun pop of color to any hair and really complete an outfit. I meet a lot of females during my events, and what’s been very fun for me recently is styling it into people with ombre-colored hair. We’d try to play around with the three different color-ways I currently carry for the ‘Flower Child Hair Peace’ in Blue/Teal, Purple/Magenta, and Nude/Orange to find that awesome and fun color combination.

Has sustainability and caring for the environment always played a role in your life?

Yes! I grew up in a thrifty household where my mom emphasized green and healthy living. The idea of recycling and repurposing always stuck with me. This is why I keep sustainability in mind when it comes to Flower Child Hair accessories. I loved dolls as a young girl and would want to accessorize and make clothes for my dolls. Instead of buying me new fabric, my mom would give me used clothes to cut-up and sew with. That’s when I first started re-purposing fabric for fashion. In a lot of ways I’m doing the same thing I was doing many years ago, except now I get to do it at a much larger scale and share that love with other people.

Flower Child Hair

Flower Child Hair

Wearing: Flower Child Hair Piece in Purple/Magenta (℅ of Flower Child Hair), Forever 21 bracelet and necklace, and an Anthopologie dress.


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