Flower Child Hair: Make Sustainable Fashion Statement


fchSweet and feminine, flowers have always been a way for me to get in touch with my free-spirited side. I wear them so often that when I started dating by boyfriend, he waxed poetic about “a girl with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair” (most definitely quoting Led Zeppelin). I can often be caught doodling daisies. I have a fixation with buying myself bouquets to arrange in odd jars like a pseudo-Lauren Conrad. If you couldn’t tell, flowers are kind of my thing.  Other things that make the list? Humanitarianism.

Flower Child Hair, a sustainable accessories line I discovered on Instagram, wants to transform the way we consume fashion in an environmentally conscious way. You might have seen the brand in Seventeen magazine, on the head of model Skyler Elizabeth, or in the braids of some chic Californians — just note that Flower Child Hair is growing in a great way. Made out of quality repurposed fabrics to limit textile and water waste, Flower Child Hair is running a Kickstarter and the eco-friendly line needs your help.

One setback I find with typical flower crowns is the inability to style my hair. And can I just address the difficulty in finding one that fits just right?! What I like most about these flower strand accessories is the versatility. You can weave it into a braid, wrap it in a bun, or wear it around your head like a traditional crown.

This Kickstarter will help Flower Child Hair fulfill larger purchase orders with expanded colors and styles. Help them make a bigger impact by demonstrating that fashion statements can be made with sustainability in mind and show your support:

P.S. If the campaign goal is reached, you’ll receive a free hair accessory courtesy of Flower Child Hair. Just mention Cup of Charisma in your Kickstarter survey. Now go be sustainable and save the earth!





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