Summoning My Inner Carrie Bradshaw in NYC


Hi friends — it’s been awhile! I’ve been experiencing some tough times, so outfit shoots and wordy posts have been far less frequent. While on a major quest for happiness, I thought of the one place that gives me such light. New York City has always been my home without ever being a home. In fact, I’m currently staring at a mural of New York on the wall of my Florida home. Selecting a place to spend my 25th birthday was simple… it was NYC or bust!

The ingredients to an incredible trip? New York Fashion Week + long distance best friend + long distance boyfriend + a Carrie Bradshaw-esque pink tutu dress… need I say more? While Sept. 3-7 was far too short of a vacation, my heart is still beating for the city that invigorates me and gives me hope from more than 1,000 miles away.

I was thrilled to celebrate my birthday in my favorite city. I am a true advocate of the idea that travel feeds our soul. I’d choose memories over material items any day. Twenty-five has been an… interesting age. Since returning from New York, it’s as if I left a piece of myself behind. The truth is I’m trying to figure it out as much as the rest of us. I’m temperamental, pensive, and terrified I’m not living my life to its complete fullest. Mashable reported this week that “84% of millennials — and this is consistent all around the world — would rather make a difference than achieve recognition in work.” So what’s my mark and am I spending too much time worrying about life that it’s preventing me from actually living it? I’ve been referring to this phenomenon as my “quarter-life crisis.” While some of you might scoff at this reference, I think we all can admit that post-grad life is a peculiar one. So instead of focusing on my itching to become a superstar at life by 26, I’ve decided to take a mental trip back to my NYC travels for some much-needed inspiration,

My creativity was brimming in New York; I breathed in the aspirations and exhaled inspirations. To sum up my visit: I watched the amazing BCBG spring/summer collection (read about it here), caught up with my favorite high school friend, explored from Chelsea to the Upper East Side with my love, made conversation with two drunk gay porn novelists at Eataly, ate amazing vegan food, sat feet away from the stage as Andrew Rannells performed in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Would you blame me for being heartbroken in the suburbs?

Where to go: The High Line and Chelsea Market in Chelsea, and Eataly near the Flatiron.

Where to shop: Artist & Fleas in Chelsea, Warby Parker on Greene St.,

Where to eat: Laduree and Bathazar in SoHo, Bubby’s in Chelsea, and Max Brenner in Union Square.

My favorite look: Birthdays aren’t complete if you’re not wearing a pink tutu. I wore an H&M tutu dress, Forever 21 bow belt, Kate Spade Saturday oversized sunnies, Michael Kors patent monogram tote, and gifted shoes.












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