My Mercedes-Benz Meltdown: Tales of NYFW


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There’s nothing like a rendezvous to New York City to invigorate you, or better yet, New York Fashion Week (NYFW). For years, I’ve studied runways, read runway recaps, tweeted behind a computer screen, and quoted Carrie Bradshaw without ever expecting to be in the same room as some of the most influential faces in the industry. My work finally lead me to find the golden ticket where it all paid off — my first fashion week.

Having arrived in New York for my birthday weekend, I had no intention of attending Fashion Week just a few days prior. The stars aligned and the opportunity to attend the BCBG Maxazria Spring/Summer 15 show was so kindly granted to me. After traveling the whole day and ringing in 25 years at midnight in an NYC pub, I could barely sleep anticipating the Sept. 4 show.

Another grand coincidence was that the show fell on my birthday. I woke up at the crack of dawn, changed outfits about seven times, arrived at the Lincoln Center (hours early), people watched and fell in love with New York City all over again. Having a cross between pre-show jitters and utter excitement, I found the perfect spot where I would be posting live photos for my client. Sounds wonderful, right? Unfortunately, my very defective cell phone died 20 minutes before the show. With sheer panic and the urge to die a little inside, I fussed around the entire tent looking for an outlet… in 5-inch platforms. I made friends with the security guards in the Lincoln Center as I charged my helpless phone. After practically crawling on the ground to find power and running frantically in a tiny dress while flashing any and all onlookers, I managed to get enough juice to run back when I heard the music on the runway.

The outcome was horrific. I pushed through the crowd like my job depended on it (well, because it kind of did). I erratically took as many blurry iPhone photos as possible, getting glimpses of the collection here and there. Did that matter to me? Absolutely not.

What mattered most was the overall atmosphere of fashion week. The runway was artistic; the audience was stimulating; the models were graceful. New York City was alive with the spirit of style and an appreciation of the art we each hold in such high esteem everyday we select what we’re going to wear.

What I Wore: 

I heavily debated my outfit choice the entire morning of the show, nearly waking up every friend in my phone book as early as 7 a.m. Did I go traditional or modern? Colorful or dark? Bohemian or mod? I was so extremely torn. Opting for a textured black dress (surprisingly from Ross) with a built in gold statement necklace, I felt comfortable and “trendy” enough. I embellished the simple style with gold stacked jewelry and a vintage Chanel quilted bag. Always one for bows, I decided to ditch the hair accessories for a more serious look. My polish was a playful plum shade for fall (OPI She Sings in Color). I felt a little glamorous in my all-black ensemble standing in front of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week building.

What I loved:

The people watching was phenomenal. From men in capes to spotting Kristina Bazan of Kayture, my eyes were wandering faster than my mind could register.

What I’m excited for:

BCBG was one of many brands that displayed flowing all-white fashions. The printed kimono-style dresses were all so light and whimisical. Aren’t we all ready for an ethereal spring?



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