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My First Time at Creative Mornings Miami in the Design District



Something you should know about me is that I drink coffee like any regular human being drinks water to survive. Naturally, when I heard of an event called “Creative Mornings,” where free coffee was being served, I was on board.

Creative Mornings, a breakfast lecture series for the creative community, has expanded to 87 cities internationally since its New York City conception in 2008. The pseudo-TED talk welcomes a monthly speaker to host a 20-minute session about their passions, projects, and ideas. In my first Creative Mornings lecture, Avra Jain inspired a packed house with her discussion on the growth of Miami’s MiMo District.

What I learned:


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Jain, a former Wall Street maven, has a talent for turning mundane things into stunning anomalies. She is responsible for the renaissance of areas creative hearts dwell in, such as Tribeca, Soho, Nolita, the Bowery, and most recently MiMo District.

One of her notable projects was resurrecting the Vagabond Hotel, along with others on the Biscayne Boulevard strip. When I think of preserving history, I think of keeping it consistent to the past. Not Jain. With intricate adornments and an updated retro décor (the return of the neon sign), MiMo has been reinvigorated with her spirit while saluting the past. Jain’s aesthetic values and artistic eye have made MiMo a historic beauty that raves of Miami heritage.

“Through art and architecture, life and lifestyle are integrated. Through life and lifestyle, communities and neighborhoods are created,” said Jain. Her relentless dedication applied to the crowd as she remarked, “Everything you do today could be someone else’s Vagabond.”

My First Time at Creative Mornings Miami in the Design District - Vagabond Hotel

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Who I met:

I thrive on alternative thinkers and quirk, but living in a suburb outside of Miami makes it difficult to harness my passion and meet like-minded people. From movers and shakers to self-starting creatives, the crowd at Creative Mornings is diverse and refreshing. Think about the level of intellect. What group of people would venture out into an unfamiliar network, engage in conversations with strangers, and learn about an art purely to expand their own knowledge? These aren’t simple-minded people, but trailblazers in the fabric of Miami’s progressive culture. The event was sponsored by Miami Design District and INFRACULTURE, Miami’s event-based site focused on making the arts and forward-looking ideas accessible to the public.

Why you should attend: 

Creative Mornings is a fairly new phenomenon and it’s only going to grow from here. Whether a topic pertains to you or not, you’re going to walk away with an opinion and a fresh perspective. Coffee aside, Creative Mornings is a natural way to fuel your outlook and celebrate local talent while in good company. Learn more at

What I wore: 

Check out the full look on my blog here.

My First Time at Creative Mornings Miami in the Design District - Cup of Charisma


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