My Healthy Fix to Combat Dry Hair

    My Healthy Fix to Combat Dry Hair - Hair Food Moisture Collection Review on Cup of Charisma

    Let’s get one thing straight: I’m a purpose-driven gal on a mission. I feel I never have enough time to truly impact the world in the ways I want to, but one way I consciously decide to is through my choices. Each day, I make a conscious effort to control the products I use and the food I put in my body. You see, I’ve created a socially-conscious “diet” of sorts which has impacted my life – and even my beauty routine. So when did this natural health obsession start? Well, it all began on a cattle ranch in the Australian outback—a story I’ll save for another day. I’ve been a vegetarian for 12 long years (a fact that will make Texans look at you like an alien), and have begun to adopt a vegan diet in recent weeks. What started as an intrinsic response to my love for living things has developed into an even deeper connection to healthy, natural products and foods which are environmentally-friendly and good for me. When I learned about the Hair Food brand, I was compelled by the nourishing ingredient list. A shampoo and conditioner collection made out of foods I’d willingly put in my body and words I can pronounce? Sign me up!

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    5 Ways to Embrace Southern Charm

    Details: Katie Shirt Dress//Denim Tote//Floral Scarf with Tassels//Cushion Walk Faux-Leather Sandal with Flowers//Modern Elegance Bangle Set//Poppy Chandelier Earrings

     I’ll never forget the morning I left my Florida home to make the 18-hour drive to Houston. When I mapped out my route from Miami to Texas, I had no idea how much that 1,000 miles would change my life. Little did I know that leaving state lines would mean abandoning the vibrant culture of Miami for a completely new experience in the South. To my surprise, the South was filled with warmth and truly authentic charm.

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    Becoming a Modern Southern Belle

    If you’ve been reading my blog since its conception, you know that I didn’t always live in Houston. I grew up in South Florida, which feels like anything but “The South.” Sodden with tanning oil and dotted with palm trees, Miami has always felt like a foreign piece of the United States. When I took the leap to move to Houston, Texas, I didn’t realize I’d be leaving behind the sandy beaches and Cuban coffee for the Southern life – a life SO unfamiliar. When I did finally move here, I realized I was able to embrace Houston’s burgeoning city life and Southern hospitality… it felt a lot like being a Modern Southern Belle.

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    Events Social Good

    Join Me at Fashionably Pink with CanCare & Elaine Turner

    More Than Pink - Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness MonthOne in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Looking around my office building, that statistic is powerful enough to knock me off my feet. It’s safe to say that cancer has affected all of us in a negative way at some point in our lives. Whether you’re a survivor, know a survivor, or lost someone to the terrible disease, cancer has disrupted the health of so many in such an unfortunate way. Continue Reading

    Life Social Good

    I Wrote My Way Out: Surviving Violence & Finding Light

    Hello, you beautiful person! There’s a very big story on the blog today, but I’m sharing it in honor of the Home Safe Home Gala, AVDA‘s (Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse) annual fundraising event, happening TONIGHT in Houston.  This fundraiser is created to support AVDA’s mission to end family violence by serving the survivor, the abuser, and the community. Unique and fun, it has become renowned as one of Houston’s premier tasting events, featuring the creations of top chefs.
    I am HONORED to be an ambassador of AVDA’s gala this year! It’s an organization I’ve been wanting to be part of since moving to Houston.  The evening will include top Houston chef tastings, wine and more on Thursday, October 5, 2017 at 7 pm, at the Crystal Ballroom at The Rice in Houston. Tickets are on sale now! Visit AVDA’s website for more information here. A portion of the 2017 Home Safe Home Gala proceeds will go to the newly established AVDA Victim Relief Fund, which will provide emergency financial assistance to AVDA clients. Read today’s blog to find out WHY organizations like AVDA are so important. DISCLAIMER: This could be a difficult and triggering read for some, so proceed with caution. 

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