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  • Stefanie

    Hi Jillian! Love your style! Your blog has inspired me to start my own, but honestly how do I even begin? Should I write content and take pictures before starting (I like to plan ahead)? Any tips for those starting out??



    • Hi Stephanie! This absolutely made my day. Thank you so much for contacting me! I’m so flattered and so so happy to hear you enjoy Cup of Charisma! I think that’s wonderful that you want to start your own blog. I know blogging for me has been a wonderful outlet for creativity and a really great hobby to practice what I love outside of work.

      As far as planning goes, although it’s a hobby I treated my blog like a business. I reserved my name on whatever social media sites I could and tried to find something that resonated with me. For example, I knew I wanted my blog to incorporate style into bigger ideas like charity, art and music which led me to Cup of Charisma (plus, I’m bubbly and caffeinated at all times lol). So select a name you identify with and make a logo or look that’s personalized.

      As far as posting goes, I recommend working a week in advance. I sometimes write 2-3 posts in a sitting and then I know I’m done for the week. Having a 9-6 job Monday through Friday makes it difficult for me to write on and respond at times, so it take the time I have on the weekends to plan ahead. It’s almost like living from paycheck to paycheck, you don’t want to live from post to post when trying to stay consistent and regular. 🙂 Some things will just come to you, but it’s nice to plan ahead.

      As someone who is brand new to this as well, I found the Lucky Community and Independent Fashion Bloggers network to be VERY helpful. These forums allow you to talk to bloggers and share you posts. The blogging community is really reciprocal and caring. In most cases, when you support fellow bloggers they will gladly support you in return. It’s a slow process but a rewarding one so far.

      I’m excited to see the launch of your blog. Please please please contact me if you have anymore questions. I’d be happy to help!

      • Stefanie

        Thanks for responding so quickly and for all the tips! 🙂 I will check out Lucky Community and Independent Fashion Bloggers and hopefully be able to chat with some bloggers.

        I hope to get the ball rolling for my blog in the next couple of weeks but I am confused as to whether or not use,, squarespace. I do want to lock in the name of my blog ASAP but not sure which platform to pick. How did you go about this when you started?

        Thanks again!!!

        • That’s the best way to start. Are you based in South Florida by chance or elsewhere? Keep on the lookout for blogger events in your area.

          Ahhh, the trouble with WordPress. I struggled with this decision, too. I chose a .com, but I’ve read that most bloggers encouraged .org. Eventually I may see if a switch is possible because .com limits you in design to an extent. I’m not web savvy and I know that .com maintains the upkeep of your blog (protection from spam and viruses, SEO optimization, etc.). I’ve read a lot of posts from bloggers who strongly back using .org, especially if you plan on monetizing your page with ads. I don’t know enough about Squarespace to give a thorough recommendation, but I would recommend WordPress since you can easily subscribe to other blogs.

          I hope this helps!

  • Stefanie

    I’m not based in South Florida but I call South Florida my second home! I’m from Orlando with tons of family and friends in and around Miami. I live in DC right now but I’ll be in the keys and Miami in about a month for a much needed vacay!

    Since I’m not the most computer savvy person out there, maybe it’s not a bad idea to start out with .com and hopefully eventually convert to .org once I know more about everything.

    You’ve been a great help! I’ll keep you posted about the launch of the blog 🙂

    P.S.: did you go college in Florida??

  • Stefanie

    I follow you on Instagram and I think you are following me too! @stefaniemarie14 🙂

    • Hi Stephanie! I opted for and bought my domain through there. I recommend buying a domain just because you can never know when someone might have the same idea, 🙂 I know that I struggled with this because most of the names I had initially wanted were taken. Cup of Charisma was taken as well, but the blogger who used it seemed to be doing nothing with it. She had a WordPress but no posts, so I decided to buy a .com. I then made accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Even if I wasn’t using them, I wanted to get my name situated. If you don’t know what platform to choose you could always visit I’ve heard that’s fairly simple. And yes! I realized that after your first comment 🙂 Is that how you found this blog? So glad you did!

  • Stefanie

    Hi Jillian,

    Is there a certain program you use to edit photos on your laptop? I need to jump on the bandwagon and learn how to properly edit photos. Thanks!!